Loan without Credit bureau information for self-employed


Is there a credit without Credit bureau information that is available for the self-employed? Which credit bank grants Credit bureau-free loans, what should be considered for private foreign loans? We have put together all the important answers to these questions and further information for you.

Credit without Credit bureau information for the self-employed – problem case

Credit without Credit bureau information for the self-employed - problem case

Especially in self-employment it is important not to lose the good financial reputation. Finding a loan is difficult even with an impeccable Credit bureau and a thriving business. If Credit bureau is ruined, a loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed appears to be the only option, serious loan offers are rare. Anyone looking for a serious – legal loan offer without Credit bureau will automatically come across Cream bank. As far as is known, this Liechtenstein bank is the only bank that can legally grant a Credit bureau-free loan to Germans.

All comprehensible, reputable loan offers from the credit brokerage also refer to this credit bank. The only problem is that a self-employed person does not get a loan from Liechtenstein. Only employees who are subject to social security contributions have the option of using such a loan without Credit bureau. The loan is secured exclusively by means of a transfer of salary for future work income.

There are no alternatives to securing loans, as are common for normal lending. The loan without Credit bureau secured by guarantors or property security does not exist as a legal bank loan. If you continue to search for the loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed, everyone will involuntarily come across the private international loan. However, the websites are not comparable to a portal such as Fine Bank or Binary Lender. Direct contact to private donors is offered. Anonymous, discreet and free.

Private international loan – don’t underestimate the risk

Private international loan - don

You only have to pay for the publication of the credit request. Such an advertisement costs around 20 USD. It is neither limited in time nor influenced by the portal. It is even permitted to place the advertisement anonymously. An anonymous investor may also report to it. The portal only transmits the contact details. Businessmen make up everything else. It is precisely this anonymity that creates the horse’s foot. Unlike Fine Bank or Binary Lender, nobody checks their identities in the ID process in the event of a loan.

The first thought may not be so bad. If you lend your money, you will get in touch when you want it back. For good reason, legislators still prohibit lending without ID verification. It is easy to launder drug funds without an ID check. The system for this is about as old as the ban on monies of dubious origin. We are looking for a borrower who actually only needs to have a real account.

Most of the people in a credit crunch don’t care where the money comes from. They enjoy fair interest rates despite inadequate loan collateral. The real risk is not for the “apparently good faith” investor. In the worst case, it loses a few thousand USD. The risk is borne by the borrower. If the system is exposed, the trail of money ends with him. Deprivation of liberty for several years can be the sentence for the money laundering allowance. Not a good deal in return for a loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed.

Alternatives without Credit bureau and without risk

Alternatives without Credit bureau and without risk

Without the ability to act, a reputable credit institution does not grant a Credit bureau-free loan to the self-employed, the hope for help from friends remains. A close confidant who is qualified for an ordinary loan or a loan without Credit bureau submits a loan application. If the money is approved, it is passed on to the actual borrower.

At many banks, “proxy loans” are generally prohibited. If you want to take the rules exactly, you can still apply for a loan at Good lender. The credit bank interprets the promised free availability of the loan very generously. On request, the telephone service explains that anyone can do what they want with their credit. The bank cannot influence whether the money is given away or lent further.



No foreign bank currently offers a secure and legal loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed. The risk of contacting a private investor directly is extremely high. Without a neutral supervisory authority, there could be a money laundering charge at the end of the credit process. It is easier and legal to apply for the loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed as a proxy loan instead of a guarantee.

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